Friday, 7 August 2009

53rd Annual Koenji Awaodori

This year sees Koenji Awaodori see out the month of August with a bang.
To be held on the last weekend: 29/30 August.
It's held over two days.
Officially states from 6-9pm, but that's just for the actual singing and dancing.
Good to get in to Koenji before that to beat the masses and get a good spot.
There's also a few more things going on, like a Mikoshi parade.
Drinking starts early and the daytime is a good chance for pics as performers are walking the streets fully-clothed up ready for the evening.
Recommend checking out some of the back streets as you can get close up to the action and the drums are deafening.


Anonymous said...

I got a bad feeling I'm not going to see much of this as I will be arriving late.. I finish work at 7 both days... eeeps! At least I don't have to run for the last train home I suppose.

Mickey said...

Won't get there til 7pm on Saturday myself...
Finishes 9pm sharp, both days.
Worth it, even if only for about an hour.
Head down some of the back streets near Jeans Mate, or PAL and Koenji Look is a good spot, but crowded.

Anonymous said...

Well, I live just off Koenji Look so I guess I will be in the middle of it all!