Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Fashion meets depression

Two different locations.
Two different emotions.
Two different styles.
One fucked up.
One doesn't give a fuck.
Thought the girls fashion was great.
As for the guy, he needed help and as is the norm in Japan, he won't get any.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Koenji T's

Koenji has more than just the infamous "高円寺 My Love Town" T-shirt.
With the background of the music scene, the Andy Warhol design has been remodelled to incorporate a cat instead of the yellow banana by "Enji Warhol". See what they did there? Like it.

Another design celebrating the second hand clothes shops, bars and, again, the music scene, with the Slogan "when you are at Koenji do as they do at Koenji", reffering to the above mentioned beer, used clothes and live music.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

松本かなこ (chalk artist)

If there's one skill I wish I could have, it would be being able to draw.
Kanako is a chalk artist.
It took her both Saturday and Sunday to complete her piece.
And very impressive it was...well, I think impressive is an understatement.



This is a double act called "pranoi".
The act consists of juggler, Yosuke Meguro and accordionist, Koharu.
An excellent act, especially the accordion.
My favourite act over the weekend.

They have a blog which has some English:

They are on youtube.
Check out the accordion-playing Koharu:


This is "Barbara" Tamura. A pantomime performer with a bit of magic in her act, too.
I saw her twice throughout the weekend.


Classed as a "walking act", playing the role of a businessman, he wandered through the streets of Koenji at several times during the weekend.


A kabuki magician.