Friday, 7 August 2009

Getting to Koenji

Thought I should post a random bit of info on how to get to Koenji.
Really quite straight forward, but just one thing to bear in mind...
On the weekend, the platforms 3 & 4 don't operate.
So, if you're heading here on a rapid train, that'll be the silver and orange train(or the orange train, which is almost finished, being replaced by the silver and orange ones), you'll go past Koenji and have to double back.

The local train Chou/Sobu Line (silver and yellow) and Tozai line (silver and blue) both operate on platforms 1 & 2.

Four platforms in all at Koenji station.
The station itself is quite small, having only a North and South entrance/exit.
There is only one set of ticket gates at Koenji station.
The North and South exits are after exiting the ticket gates.

On Awaodori weekend, with only 2 platforms operating, even a small station like Koenji takes about 10 minutes to exit, due to the sheer amount of people visiting.

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