Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Shops of Central Road

South exit from Koenji station,
Turn left,
Keep going past McDonalds and the Mizuho Bank ATM,
You will come to Central Road.
At the top, it's a bit seedy, with what could be described as Koenji's red light area, or one of them anyway:

Once past that, you got some small bars, restaurants, Japan's only Tesco's(!), junk shops, and some of the best decorated shop fronts in Tokyo.
This is just two of them:
Nincompoop Capacity and Garter.
Someone's let their creative juices flow with these.


Anonymous said...

Japans only Tesco? Eh? Shocking.. They still don't stock the food I want. The steps up to Nincompoop Capacity are the highlight of this shop. Treacherous! All the shop owners around here just stand out side smoking and drinking beer everytime I walk past!

Made with Japan said...

If anyone is interested in reading the interview we did with Nincompoop Capacity a while back, please do so by following the link below! Available both in English and Japanese.