Monday, 14 February 2011


If, like me, you have a thing for trainers*, then the best place to go in Koenji is "Pick Up".
Located just off PAL.
Turn right past Village Vanguard and head down that narrow street.
There's a few good shops for new and used gear along this street, but that's for another time...

Pick Up has a good selection of trainers, some clothing and bags.
Trainers are deadstock, new and used.
The prices are very reasonable and they do have some vintage, which are, as to be expected, a little more pricey.
They have a website, but they have more trainers in shop than is featured on their site.

*Trainers = sneakers for the US viewers

Nothing to see here...

So, you're out on a Sunday drive with your wife and baby in the car...when you suddenly decide to mount the curb and flip your car onto its side.
The blokes from the delivery company, in the green jackets, were quickly on the scene to rescue this family of three, unharmed.

After a quick interview session with the driver to determine what a complete fuckwit he is, everyone will be back home for an evening of shit Japanese TV (if you've ever seen a variety show here then you'll know what I'm on about) and a cup of cold green tea.