Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Gate

This shop sells new and used clothes, trainers, toys and accessories.
It looks small from the outside, but large inside. Perhaps like Dr. Who's Tardis, but without a metal dog.
It does have a 7-foot Alien inside the entrance though.
Bit of a maze as you navigate your way through racks of clothes and boxes of toys and assorted junk.
Until I take another pic of the exterior, it's the place with the pink chair in the shape of a hand at the entrance.

Some camera phone pics from inside at the top.


Anonymous said...

I was there two days ago trying on some pants. Dam things were too tight as most pants are over here! Good shop though.. There seems to be 2 shops within this shop almost merging into the one! Awesome Batman figurine in here on sale which I am eyeing up and some other items on sale! The Woody "Toy Story" head at the front is so good! Makes me smile everytime I pass it.

Mickey said...

Yes mate.
It's a good place for sure.
Got me eye on a few things, too.