Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Fashion meets depression

Two different locations.
Two different emotions.
Two different styles.
One fucked up.
One doesn't give a fuck.
Thought the girls fashion was great.
As for the guy, he needed help and as is the norm in Japan, he won't get any.


redegg said...

Yea I regularly see people in train stations just lying on the ground crying and everyone just walking past them. Quite depressing!

Anonymous said...

I thought Japan had been doing well for the past 6-8 years ? They most have been making a pile of money in that period.
It wouldn't be normal here in Scandinavia to see people lying on the ground crying. At least not the ones in suits

Mickey said...

@ sune,
In England it wouldn't be normal either...unless it was a Friday night and he'd consumed a belly full of beer.

This shot was on Sunday, mid afternoon.

William C said...

Great to see a blog about Koenji, I'm moving there in August