Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Grapes - Beatles Bar

Well, only a few days after posting about The Grapes - - I finally got around to going in.
Small and cozy place.
Had the "Todays Special" which was like a stew and rice called "hayashi rice". Very nice it was too.
The whole place is decorated with Beatles memorabillia, and as you'd expect, Beatles music plays in the background on vinyl.
There's lots of photos adorning the walls, and the table had a partition in the middle splitting it into two sides. The partition is made up of vinyl Beatles record sleeves.
It's "No Smoking", which being a non-smoker was all right with me, and maybe quite rare in Tokyo.
Liked it, and I'll be heading back.


redegg said...

Hey, great blog. I am living in Koenji myself and I just googled this. I tried to find this bar from your recommendation however I got lost! Sounds great. Nice blog by the way!

Mickey said...

Cheers for the comments.
Try this...

From the North exit of Koenji station, turn right and cross over the road by the pachinko parlour.
Walk behind it and you'll see Hotto Motto.
Turn right at Hotto Motto and keep following going past Auviss DVD/music shop.
Follow the street and you'll see 7/11.
Turn left in front of 7/11, keep walking just a bit and Grapes is on the left.