Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Just a bit about this blog...

Photos and stuff of the mighty Koenji.

If you've spent a few nights here, then it needs no introduction.


Isaac Akira said...

Man, I lived in Koenji 3 years ago. That time I was a foreign student at Waseda University that lived in a dorm, close to Look Street and Omekaido-doori. Don't know if you know about my dorm.
Anyway, time to time, I miss a lot this place and usually I try to find nowadays pics.
Koenji (fortunatelly) haven't change too much since I was there. Still a nice and unique (in Japan) place.
Really wish I can go back there.
Anyway, good look to your blog and keep taking Koenji pics. I will be really happy to take a look.
Best wishes

Mickey said...

Cheers for the message man.