Tuesday, 23 August 2011

11th March 2011

When the big earthquake struck in March, I was aboard a train.
Not my best memory of Japan that, but certainly one that will stick in my mind.
I was on my way back to Koenji, between Kichijoji and Nishi Ogikubo stations.
When we were finally evacuated safely from the train the only way back was on foot...

Knowing how old and rundown a lot of the buildings are in Koenji, I wondered if any of them had been unable to withstand 5 minutes of an incredibly strong quake.

To my surprise and relief, the damage was minimal.

This, from what I could tell, was the worst of the damaged bulidings.
The outer wall had collapsed.
I took the pic on the 12th March.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

55th Koenji Awaodori

The 55th Koenji Awaodori kicks off on the last weekend of August.
Recent years have seen the sweltering humidity beaten into submission from torrential rain, but that didn't put anyone off.

If you want some good street photos, be sure to get there early on the 27/28 August.
The actual dancing starts at 3pm both days instead of the usual 6pm. All part of Japan's continued reduction of electrcity outage

I'm posting up a pic that I took a few years ago.
One house near to my flat had put up two posters on their wall advertising the Awaodori at that time.
This wall was turned into a pile of rubble on the 11th March due to the earthquake.